SGA sets aside a portion of their budget to assist organizations and students on the campus of OC. This funding is to help fund organization events, activities, conferences, and other student led causes.

To receive funding from SGA, your organization must be in contact with Hunter Cabe, the Executive Treasurer of SGA. The funding request process begins with filling out the SGA Funding Request Form, and emailing the completed form to Hunter Cabe. A meeting with the Appropriations Committee of SGA will then be scheduled with requester. If approved by the Appropriations Committee, then the requester must make a presentation in front of the entire SGA during it’s weekly meeting.

To fill out the SGA Funding Request Form, click Here. Once filled out, please email the completed form to Hunter Cabe.

*Please note that the funding request process can take up to three weeks from the time the Funding Request Form is submitted.*

For any questions about the above process, please fill out this form or email Hunter Cabe with “Funding Request – Question” in the subject line.