Who We Are

The Student Government Association of Oklahoma Christian University consists of students from various backgrounds. The students of the campus are represented with senators elected from all campus housing and every classification. The SGA will serve as a voice for students, making sure there is always a link between students and administration.

The SGA has a responsibility to give back to the students that elected them. We are committed to upholding the ideals and beliefs of Oklahoma Christian University. The Student Government Association has the purposes of representing the student body in all decisions affecting their environment, funding and coordinating student activities, striving to maintain good campus morale, and in all things promoting Christian belief and behavior. Meetings are open to the student body and occur every Wednesday at 9:00 PM in the Harvey Business Center, room 119.

Executive Officers

President – Tyler Clark

Vice President – Chaise Lucero

Treasurer – Taylor Dotson

Secretary – Emily Rowland

If you’d like to meet with an Executive Officer in person, you can view their office hours here.